Our Story

The story of RiNo Peak CBD Coffee begins in late 2020 in the RiNo Arts District of Denver, CO. RiNo Peak owners moved to Denver in the middle of the Global Pandemic when the Midwest gray weather just wasn’t cutting it. The pandemic brought on countless indoor hobbies, including the art of a perfect cup of coffee. After cups of conventional coffee, we were left feeling anxious and unfocused. CBD was already incorporated into our daily routine to fight against some of these conventional coffee side effects, so why not incorporate the two? Lightbulb!

RiNo Peak Coffee is made in small batches that strategically infuses CBD, which does not alter the taste of our delicious beans. Our coffee is made with CBD Isolate from Colorado with American grown hemp. We use CBD Isolate in RiNo Peak so there is no THC, therefore it will not make you high!

Our mission is to deliver a fully transparent quality product to our customers. We value the close relationships built between our farmers and roasters. We wanted to bring you the most delicious coffee to incorporate into your daily routine with the added benefit of having CBD as well.